Newspaper articles featured in the 'Hampshire Chronicle' and 'Southern Farmer' about the Morfish project.


Morfish Project Newsletter for Summer 2014. Includes, English and French translations. [View]

Morfish Project Newsletter for August 2013. In both English and French. [View]

On the 5th of July there will be a second launch of the MorFish project at the Scorff Salmon Festival at Pont Scorff in Brittany, the project staff will be on call to answer any questions about the project.

The official launch of the MorFish project was held on May the 15th at the Sandbanks hotel in Poole, Dorset. It was attended by a number of GWCT and INRA staff, GWCT members and key stakeholders. The evening involved a lot of networking and talks by Dr Jean-marc Roussel from INRA, and Dr Anton Ibbotson and Dylan Roberts (project manager) of GWCT.



The MorFish public educational open day was held at the GWCT Salmon and Trout Research Centre at East Stoke on the River Frome on the 4th of May. It was attended by some 45 people and they were given talks on the work of GWCT at the centre and the aims and objectives of MorFish. They were then shown around the salmon research facilities and saw the smolt counting work in operation.


In January 2013 Dr Stephen Gregory and Bastien Sacre were employed by GWCT and INRA respectively to work on the MorFish Project. Stephen’s role will be to analyse the long term data sets held by GWCT and INRA to better understand causes of change in salmon populations and particularly why they have declined. Bastien will lead the installation of high spec fish monitoring systems on the Rivers Scorff and Oir.