MorFish Conference 3rd and 4th of March 2015

On the 3rd and 4th of March 2015 the project held its closing conference at the Springfield Country Hotel, Wareham, Dorset close to the banks of the river Frome. The event was attended by over 90 delegates including 27 from France, representatives from NGO’s and public organisations who are involved in salmon population monitoring, assessment and management. The list of delegates included some key players in the salmon world and a huge thank you from the MorFish Project team to everyone who attended.


Day one of the event was dedicated to discussing the salmon monitoring undertaken in England, Wales and France and the techniques used. For example there were talks by Ian Davidson who leads the salmon monitoring for Natural Resources Wales and Jean-Luc Bagliniere who gave an overview of current and historical salmon data collection and management in France.

Day two focused on how the collected data is being used or could be interrogated using contemporary data modelling techniques to further our understanding of what drivers cause changes in salmon abundance. There was particularly reference to monitoring on salmon Index rivers presented by Etienne Prevost from INRA and how modelling of data could be used to increase the precision on setting conservation limits on rivers. The event programme can be found here.


During the event the MorFish project post doc scientist Stephen Gregory presented two talks. One on the development of a model based on the long term adult salmon data from the river Frome which could be used to plug data gaps in annual salmon population estimates and the transferability of this to other rivers. His second talk was based on the interrogation of long term salmon parr data sets from the Frome, Scorff and Oir which clearly suggest that the young of year salmon in these rivers are getting smaller.

In line with the MorFish project objectives there was also a talk by Julien Tremblay on monitoring techniques for lamprey with a focus on comparing the efficiency of the technique used in France to the different technique used in the UK.

There were a large number of posters and technical notes presented which can be viewed in both French and English.

The talks presented at the event can be found here