Project Information

Overview of the MorFish project

For up to 40 years data on salmon and other migratory fish have been collected on the River Frome in Dorset and the Rivers Scorff and Oir in Brittany. These three rivers provide key information on the status of migratory fish stocks in their respective regions and, in the case of the Frome, feed into an international network of index rivers which report to the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES).( ICES provides advice to Governments on the current status and management of migratory fish stocks

In January 2011 scientists from INRA and GWCT met to discuss what commonality lay between the work done on salmon and other migratory fish by the two organisations in the south of England and northern France. Following this meeting the concept for the MorFish project was born and in July 2012 an application to the EU Interreg IVA Channel programme area was approved and the MorFish project began.

The MorFish project will run until June 2015 and scientists from GWCT and INRA will be collaborating to deliver three key objectives:

  1. Aligning and interrogating the under exploited long-term salmon and environmental data sets collected by GWCT and INRA on the Rivers Frome, Scorff and Oir
  2. Aligning the data collection methods for salmon on the Rivers Frome, Scorff and Oir.
  3. Generating management advice for the monitoring of mullet and sea lamprey using the fish monitoring facilities installed on the Frome, Oir and Scorff.

These objectives will enable the three rivers to collect data in a similar way so that it is compatible and can be analysed in unison, thus providing a better understanding of the drivers behind changes in our populations of migratory fish.