Project Information

Objective 1

"Aligning and interrogating the under exploited long-term salmon and environmental data sets collected by GWCT and INRA on the Rivers Frome, Scorff and Oir."

In January 2012 Dr Stephen Gregory was employed by the MorFish project to undertake the task of aligning and interrogating the long-term data sets on salmon and environmental variables held by GWCT and INRA. As part of this process Stephen will be working closely with two UK Government agencies responsible for managing salmon, the Environment Agency (EA) and Centre for Environment Fisheries and aquaculture Science (Cefas) that also hold important data sets and expertise.

Stephen’s work will focus on the Rivers Frome (Dorset, UK), Oir (Basse-Normandie, France) and Scorff (Bretagne, France) whose salmon populations have all been monitored for over 30 years (Figure 1). He will use salmon monitoring data from the three rivers to build statistical models to produce better spawner stock estimates from incomplete datasets and understand the possible influences of climate change on salmon parr condition.

Figure 1: Map showing the locations of the rivers used in this study. The Frome (Dorset) is classified as a chalk stream river, whilst the Oir (Basse-Normandie) and Scorff (Bretagne) are classified as granite rivers.