Project Information

Objective 2

"Aligning the data collection methods for salmon on the Rivers Frome, Scorff and Oir. "

Both GWCT and INRA invest significant resources each year to collect data on the salmon populations of the Frome, Scorff and Oir. GWCT rely heavily on Passive Integrated Transponder (PIT) tag technology which can provide very accurate information on large numbers of individual fish, without the need for trapping and handling fish. INRA also use some PIT tag technology, however, it also relies on physically trapping the fish both as adults and juveniles.

These differences in data recording techniques can cause issues when we want to compare the data between rivers. Therefore the second key objective of the MorFish project is investment in new PIT tag equipment particularly on the Scorff and Oir.

In January 2013 the project employed Bastien Sacre, an electronics expert, to select and install appropriate PIT tag equipment into the Scorff and Oir. Once installed Bastien will be undertaking rigorous testing and tweaking of the equipment to ensure that it is working efficiently.

Picture of PIT tag equipment