Project Progress

Lamprey and Mullet

The brook lamprey (Lampetraplaneri), the river lamprey (Lampetrafluviatilis) and the sea lamprey (Petromyzonmarinus) are considered as threatened species. European Member States are compelled to develop policies and management actions for the restoration of their populations and associated habitats. However, information on lamprey distribution in streams and their abundance is scarce. They are cryptic animals that spend most of their life as larvae (4–6 years) buried in soft substrates. While electric fishing poses several constraints to their inventory, a new method has recently been developed on the Oir River to estimate larval lamprey abundance in shallow streams. This method relies on the use of a bottom sampler to collect larvae in the fine sediments where they live. In the course of MORFISH project, our objective is to improve this method to estimate larval lamprey abundances in stream. The method will be tested and further deployed on Oir, Scorff and Frome rivers.